An Incomplete Worldview and Advent

Evangelicals have grown fond of using the term "worldview," which we typically define as something like, "the lens through which we view God, creation, religion, culture, tribe, family, ourselves, and others." Worldview is definitely a real factor in every facet of life, but it is by definition subjective. Our lenses are shaped by many uncontrollable … Continue reading An Incomplete Worldview and Advent

A Different Lens

One of the most significant challenges I face as a pastor and teacher – whether in church or in academic settings – is helping people to learn how to read the Bible through different lenses than those to which they are accustomed and to discuss divinity in often uncomfortable ways. Don’t get me wrong, I … Continue reading A Different Lens

Our Homes — A Training Ground for Righteousness

The church is not the best place for learning to follow Jesus. Not to threaten my own job security, but it is true. According to Scripture, the place that best suits having the Word of God impressed on our hearts is the home. Have you ever considered looking at your home as a training ground … Continue reading Our Homes — A Training Ground for Righteousness