An Incomplete Worldview and Advent

Evangelicals have grown fond of using the term "worldview," which we typically define as something like, "the lens through which we view God, creation, religion, culture, tribe, family, ourselves, and others." Worldview is definitely a real factor in every facet of life, but it is by definition subjective. Our lenses are shaped by many uncontrollable … Continue reading An Incomplete Worldview and Advent

A Different Lens – The Racism Post that Never Was

For weeks I have started and stopped writing this post. I have edited it, let others preview it, and it just hasn't been right. It was really long at one point, and I scrapped everything. The best I could come up with was to state my beliefs with words like: "Despite what our Western, Americanized … Continue reading A Different Lens – The Racism Post that Never Was