How is Jesus, God with us?

One of the things often overlooked in many people’s understanding of Scripture is the difference between Christ and Jesus. Christ is not Jesus’ last name, as if His name could’ve just as easily been Jesus Smith, or Jesus Johnson. (If we're actually looking for His last name, it was likely ben Yosef.) The word Christ … Continue reading How is Jesus, God with us?

The Demeaning of Mary Full of Grace

I overheard this recently: “There was nothing special about Mary, the Mother of Jesus. She was simply the vessel God chose to surrogate his son. He could have chosen any woman for his purposes, she just happened to be the one he chose. She was a young, imperfect girl who could not possibly have understood all … Continue reading The Demeaning of Mary Full of Grace

An Incomplete Worldview and Advent

Evangelicals have grown fond of using the term "worldview," which we typically define as something like, "the lens through which we view God, creation, religion, culture, tribe, family, ourselves, and others." Worldview is definitely a real factor in every facet of life, but it is by definition subjective. Our lenses are shaped by many uncontrollable … Continue reading An Incomplete Worldview and Advent