Harbor for the Poor: A Missiological Analysis of Almsgiving in the Thought and Practice of John Chrysostom (Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock/Pickwick, 2013). Available fromAmazon.comWipfandStock.comBarnesandNoble.comAlibris


Christianity Today Article: “God Blessed my Church with Migrants: I don’t want to imagine my community without faithful leaders like Cesar Quintero.” (7-23-19, author)

Only in America podcast with Ali Noorani: podcast episode featuring Senator James Lankford and Eric Costanzo, and Cesar Quintero; also on Apple podcasts (10-16-19)

Fox News Op-Ed: “For me, immigration is a biblical issue. Our foreign-born congregants are human beings made in the image of God – not a political problem to be solved.” (2-10-19, author)

Chicago Sun-Times Article: “Not all evangelical leaders are anti-immigrant” (9-26-2019, featured, quotes)

Christian Post Article: “Christians, don’t forget about the world’s refugees.” (9-21-19, author)

Christian Post Article: “How pastors and churchgoers can approach immigration together” (4-7-19, author)

ABC News live-stream of the Washington DC press conference for “Dreamers” (February 2018)

ERLC Article: “Christians can welcome refugees and support national security.” (10-9-19, author)

ERLC Article: “5 ways your church can help immigrant and refugee communities” (6-29-19, author)

Huffington Post article on DC press conference (several quotes)

Christianity Today article on DC press conference (pictured)

Baptist Press article on DC press conference (great summary, several quotes)

Washington Post Letter (signed)

Tulsa World article on Lankford/Costanzo in DC press conference

“With Dreamers’ status still in question, faith leaders call for Congressional action” in the Enid Eagle (6-6-19, quotes)

Outreach Magazine article on our International and Refugee Ministry (quotes)

Tulsa World story on the opening of CarePoint ministry to refugees (quotes, pictures)

NBC (KJRH) story on the opening of CarePoint to serve the vulnerable and refugee families (print, video, quotes, pictures)

NBC (KJRH) video story on the opening of Jenks CarePoint. 

Christian Post article on Refugee Resettlement Cuts for 2019 (several quotes)

Article in the Messenger about South Tulsa International and Refugee Ministry (full article)

Evangelical Immigration Table Press Release regarding Refugee Resettlement (quote)

Messenger Insight Podcast interview on International and Refugee Ministry (video, audio, iTunes, Android, etc.)

NBC (KJRH) story about refugee sewing ministry (RiSE) with Rising Village at South Tulsa Baptist (quotes/video)

Star-Telegram article about Border Immigration and Romans 13 (quotes)

Press-conference with Evangelical Immigration Table and Religion News Service (audio recording from 9-12-18 with several other evangelical leaders)

-Broadcast conference call with other leaders on refugee compassion

Christianity Today article on Refugees (page 4)

World Magazine article on refugees (several pages)

Washington Post Letter on Refugees

World Relief Article on South Tulsa Refugee Ministry

-Interview with Univision on Refugee Crisis

Christian News Journal article on Refugee Travel Ban (quotes – misspelled)

Tulsa World Op Ed on Refugees

Baptist Press article on Refugees (mention)


Wall Street Journal Article Interview on Homelessness and Mental Illness (interview, 2016)

Homelessness and Mental Illness in Tulsa – Tulsa World 

Aggressive Panhandling in Tulsa and a Healthy Response – Tulsa World

Lent and Ash Wednesday on the Streets – Tulsa World

-The Caring Center South and the Union School District – Tulsa World

The Living Water Project: Homeless Men Serve Others by Handing Out Water Bottles – Tulsa World

Helping the Homeless – Tulsa World

NIV Gender Debate – Tulsa World

Remembering Good Friday Shooting Victim Bobby Clark among the Homeless – Tulsa World

Homeless Mom’s Memorial Service – Tulsa World

Living with the Homeless – Tulsa World


Bible Study Tools Article: “The Role of Women in the Church: Are We Missing the Mark?” (5-23-19, author)

-The Christian Post Article: “Sri Lanka is yet another wake-up call for all of us.” (4-24-19, author)

CBS (KOTV) interview about Guatemalan volcano crisis (quotes/video)

NBC (KJRH) interview about the death of Billy Graham (quotes/video)

FOX 23 Story on Bomb Threat and Reasonable Dialogue (video)

“Southern Baptists expect to take up issue of sexual abuse at annual meeting” in the Enid Eagle (6-10-19, interview)

NBC (KJRH) interview about sexual predator database for churches (quotes/video)


2016 Tulsa Community Spirit Magazine – page 29 – article on new position at South Tulsa Baptist Church

Amsterdam 2000 with Billy Graham – Tulsa World

-OBU Preaching in Chapel – OBU Paper 

Tulsa People column on the Caring Center Downtown (pg. 58)


Bible Dictionary entries:

Antioch of Syria


Urban Tulsa Weekly, “Above and Beyond,”, 2010-2011 – Bi-weekly column on spirituality with a readership of over 10,000


-American Academy of Religion, Dallas, TX, March 2015: “Holy Romance or Pagan Ornithology – the Roots of St. Valentine’s Day”.

-North American Patristics Society Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, May 2013: “John Chrysostom on kenodoxia and the Denunciation of Vainglory.”

-Paper Presentation – ETS Eastern Region, Lancaster, PA, March 2012: “John Chrysostom On Almsgiving According to the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31).”

-Paper Presentation – EMS Southwest Region, Houston, TX, March 2008: “Indigenous Missionary Initiatives in the Context of Terrorism and Domestic Turmoil: A Case Study of Peruvian Missions in the late Twentieth Century.”

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