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USA Today Op-Ed: Southern Baptist Convention has met a day of reckoning. We must do better to stop sexual abuse. (5-29-2022)

-Newsweek Op-Ed: “There Is No Solitary Narrative for the Border Crisis” (6-14-2021)

NPR “All Things Considered” interview with Sarah McCammon on the topic of attitudes among evangelicals after opposing op-eds in Christianity Today and Christian Post regarding the President. (12-28-2019)

-Fox News Op-Ed: “For me, immigration is a biblical issue. Our foreign-born congregants are human beings made in the image of God – not a political problem to be solved.” (2-10-19)

-ABC News live-stream of the Washington DC press conference for “Dreamers” (February 2018)

-Christianity Today Article: “God Blessed my Church with Migrants: I don’t want to imagine my community without faithful leaders like Cesar Quintero.” (7-23-19)

ChurchLeaders Article: “How to Pledge our Allegiances on July 4th” (with Matthew Soerens and Daniel Yang (7-1-22)

Oklahoman Op-Ed: “Why Oklahoma’s senators need to lead the way (again) in supporting Dreamers” (8-1-2021)

-Tulsa World Article: “How a Chinese Christian Couple in our Church Helped Equip an Our City’s Largest Emergency Room with N95 Masks” (4-21-2020)

Christian Post Article: “The US Committed to Religious Freedom but Forsakes Refugees?: Burmese Christians remind nation of ‘America’s first freedom’ as refugees flee religious persecution.” (8-28-2020)

-ERLC Article: “7 Ways to Serve our Immigrant and Refugee Neighbors during a Pandemic” (5-4-2020)

Christian Post Article: “Christians, don’t forget about the world’s refugees.” (9-21-19)

Christian Post Article: “How pastors and churchgoers can approach immigration together” (4-7-19)

-Bible Study Tools Article: “The Role of Women in the Church: Are We Missing the Mark?” (5-23-19)

Christian Post Article: “Sri Lanka is yet another wake-up call for all of us.” (4-24-19)

-ERLC Article: “Christians can welcome refugees and support national security.” (10-9-19)

-ERLC Article: “5 ways your church can help immigrant and refugee communities” (6-29-19)

Tulsa World Op Ed on Refugees (February, 2017)


Finding Holy podcast with Ashley Hales – “Hope for the Western Church with Eric Costanzo”; also on Apple podcasts (7-7-22)

That Makes Total Sense! podcast with Alexis Busetti – Inalienable interview; also on Apple podcasts (6-12-22)

-Only in America podcast with Ali Noorani: podcast episode featuring Senator James Lankford and Eric Costanzo, and Cesar Quintero; also on Apple podcasts (10-16-19)

The Well podcast with Denise McKinney and Anthony Archie – 2 parts -; also on Spotify; Part 1, Part 2 (7-3-2022)

The American Nightmare podcast with Casey Jones – “Afghanistan Refugee Journey”; also on Apple podcasts (7-1-2022)

-Extended News on 6 Tulsa Interview with Phil Armstrong and Deron Spoo on Tulsa Race Massacre (2-24-2021)

AP Associated Press Article on Tulsa Race Massacre and Churches (5-29-2021), also full print ABC News, Washington Post, Boston Globe, and others.

Oklahoman Op-Ed: “Why Oklahoma’s senators need to lead the way (again) in supporting Dreamers” (8-1-2021)

-Daily PastorThriving in Ministry podcast: Reaching Refugees and Immigrants and how to start an international and refugee ministry in your church.


-Christianity Today Article: “Ministry Leaders Ask ICE to Release Non-Violent Immigrants during COVID-19 and Let Churches Help” (4-15-2020)

-Chicago Sun-Times Article: “Not all evangelical leaders are anti-immigrant” (9-26-2019)

Huffington Post article on DC press conference (2-6-18)

Wall Street Journal Article Interview on Homelessness and Mental Illness (2016)

Washington Post Letter regarding Immigration (signed) (2-6-18)

Washington Post Letter on Refugees (signed) (2-3-2017)

Tulsa World article on Lankford/Costanzo in DC press conference (2-6-18)

Outreach Magazine article on our International and Refugee Ministry (2018)

Tulsa World story on the opening of CarePoint ministry to refugees (2018)

Tulsa World story on The Living Water Project: Homeless Men Serve Others by Handing Out Water Bottles (August 2013)

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  1. Pastor Eric costanzo.

    Recibe cordial saludo y de paso desearte un bendecido Año Nuevo para todos tus proyectos y realizaciones.

    Gracias por la oportunidad de estudiar inglés y por la carta que nos llego el día de hoy.

    A mi Familia le gusto mucho la iglesia por supuesto con la predicación .

    En lo que podamos colaborar con mucho gusto

    Abrazos y bendiciones de nuestra familia
    Sara, Jerónimo, Emir , Gustavo y Paola Andrea
    Cel 305 879 0321

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