How is Jesus, God with us?

One of the things often overlooked in many people’s understanding of Scripture is the difference between Christ and Jesus. Christ is not Jesus’ last name, as if His name could’ve just as easily been Jesus Smith, or Jesus Johnson. (If we're actually looking for His last name, it was likely ben Yosef.) The word Christ … Continue reading How is Jesus, God with us?

A Different Lens – The “Other”

Let us begin with a question: Who is the person, or type of person, that is easiest for you to write off as unimportant...or perhaps dispensable? I cannot remember a cultural climate like the present where people and their perspectives are dismissed so easily. We apply a single label to describe someone which then grants us permission … Continue reading A Different Lens – The “Other”

A Different Lens

One of the most significant challenges I face as a pastor and teacher – whether in church or in academic settings – is helping people to learn how to read the Bible through different lenses than those to which they are accustomed and to discuss divinity in often uncomfortable ways. Don’t get me wrong, I … Continue reading A Different Lens