An Appeal for Persecuted Christians Around the World

How many persecuted Christians from the Middle East have been resettled in the US this year?


Not 23,000. Not 2300. 23. 

In this same time period in 2016 (January-June), the number was 1,574. This represents a decline of 98.5%. When the first travel ban and suspension of the refugee resettlement program was put into place in early 2017, the administration promised the changes would result an increased benefit to persecuted Christians. Those from Syria were mentioned specifically, and yet they have become perhaps the most unwelcome.

My friend Matt Soerens made a great observation this week: “A few years ago, in solidarity with persecuted Middle Eastern Christians, many American evangelicals changed their profile pictures to ن , a symbol ISIS used to identify Christians . . . How will we respond now as the U.S. turns its back on these same people?” 


Sometimes,  advocating for the world’s most vulnerable people means appealing to our elected and appointed officials. Currently, they have the greatest ability to use our abundance of resources to help people in genuine crisis. This includes many of our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who are being persecuted because of their faith. I signed this letter imploring our national leaders to raise the refugee ceiling and to restart refugee admissions which have effectively been ground to a halt. I would encourage you to pray and read up on these issues, and then sign the letter below.

Sign-on: Urge Our Government to Stand with Refugees Fleeing Religious Persecution


Some Talking Points for those Conflicted about Immigrants and Refugees

5 Reasons Immigrants and Refugees Are the Church’s Responsibility

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11 thoughts on “An Appeal for Persecuted Christians Around the World

  1. Eric,

    I would believe that the biggest reason for this decline would be the increased vetting and the inability of refugees to show evidence that they really are Christians. It has been noted that a very high percentage of those previously coming in had falsified paperwork in order to get a visa. The radical Muslim in Europe is a good example of the future in the USA if some care is not given to reduce the invasion of Muslims into the country. We do not have to bring them to the USA in order to reach them for Christ.


    1. Bobby – thanks for the comment. Your concerns are shared by others who get most of their information from certain media sources. From my own personal meetings in the State Department and with many who work in refugee resettlement, the vetting of refugees is the best background check process we currently have. There is a much greater risk of falsified documents or lack of information with certain visas, but very little concern over refugees who are resettled. One SD official told me: “If a person does not meet or hold all the necessary criteria to meet all standards of our series of background checks and verifications, we move on to the next applicant.” I agree we must hold our officials accountable to abide by these procedures.

      This particular post and letter is about persecuted Christians – millions of women, children and men worldwide – who the Church should be for, not against.

  2. Please help us
    We are refugee Christians
    We live in Turkey 4 years
    We are waiting for the flight date to the United States
    My son wants to go to school
    He is 8 years old
    Please help us
    I am : shahram vafaei
    لطفا به ما کمک کنید
    ما مسیحی هستیم
    ما پناهنده هستیم
    ما بیش از 4 سال در ترکیه هستیم
    ما در انتظار مدیکال و پرواز هستیم
    پسر من 8 سال داره
    دوست داره به مدرسه بره
    لطفا به ما کمک کنید
    من : شهرام وفایی

  3. This shima me and my family are religiouse refugee. we’re christian and my husband is Bahai’e also. We are living in turkey more than 4 years. Please hear and mentoin our voice. We don’t have humanity rights in turkey too causes our religion. We just want living in USA FREEDOM. My husband family are living in USA and they are waiting for us too. please help us 😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Please understand us.we are also under persecution in Turkey. We left our homes just because of being under the persecution and having belief in Jesus We are refugees in here more than 5 years, we are stuck in the middle of this uncertainty. No hope, no motivation for our lives. Please help us. We just want to live peacefully like anyone else.

  5. Hello I am Shaghayegh From Iran
    A Christian who was ran away from Iran cause I was reported by my husband to government and now I am 4 years in Turkey waiting for replacement and got banned by travel ban . I sent an email to that Address Mr .Eric . Tnx for your help and attention. God Bless you for trying to help us.

  6. Why are there so few Christians – especially from the Mid-East admitted into this country ?
    I am a ‘Biblical CHRISTian’ who has been telling ‘Christians’ where I live in Alabama for the past 15 years about my Persecuted Brethren – now in 140+ countries all around the world –
    – It is my personal experience that there has been\is now very-very little interest – for the common ‘Amerikan Christian Persons’ attitude is ‘Us 4 – and No More’ – which is a willing violation of that which is written in Ephesians 6:10-20 [AV] – For “it is written” in Verse 18:
    “Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit,
    and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication FOR ALL SAINTS;”
    – And it is my understanding that the US Military is NOW very actively purging Christians from service – so the anti-Christian attitude is increasingly active at high levels within the ‘Amerikan’ government.

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