A Different Lens – Words Matter

This is my third post in the "A Different Lens" series. Today, nearly everyone we know has a platform from which to speak and/or blast out their opinions if they should so desire. Man, oh, man, the things people are willing to say, write, and post for public consumption these days. The last several weeks … Continue reading A Different Lens – Words Matter

A Different Lens

One of the most significant challenges I face as a pastor and teacher – whether in church or in academic settings – is helping people to learn how to read the Bible through different lenses than those to which they are accustomed and to discuss divinity in often uncomfortable ways. Don’t get me wrong, I … Continue reading A Different Lens

Jesus in Every Book of the Old Testament

The great theologian Augustine of Hippo, when reflecting on his many discoveries of Jesus in the Old Testament, said: “He was concealed in the Old, and revealed in the New.” Rarely would I dare to improve on anything St. Augustine said, but I am not convinced that Jesus is all that hidden in the Old … Continue reading Jesus in Every Book of the Old Testament