BONUS CONTENT/PICTURES from Tulsa World Story: Tian and Liying help equip Tulsa’s largest hospital with N95 masks

Read the full Tulsa World article here.

“At a time when anti-Asian sentiments have disappointingly reemerged, Tian and Liying stand out as light in darkness. They have helped meet critical needs, both physical and spiritual, in our community, country, and around the world. They have allowed love, not fear, to drive their actions. Tian and Liying remind us that even in the midst of the worst of circumstances, faithful people are doing good things in the name of Christ. I am honored to be their pastor.”

This is a story about incredible faithfulness and generosity from two Chinese Christians in our church in response to the coronavirus. At a time when some, on account of the virus originating in China, demonstrate both fear and ignorance by disparaging the Chinese people themselves, this story brings joy and hope to the heart. 

Among the nearly 1.5 billion people of Chinese descent all over the world, tens of millions are confessional Christians. Though many have faced severe persecution because of their faith, they remain committed to sharing the love and salvation of Christ with the entire world. Tian and Liying and two of these faithful believers.

In late March, Saint Francis Hospital emergency room physician in our church contacted me. Their ER was in danger of running out of N95 masks, and he wondered if I knew of anyone who had masks available their unit. I immediately called Tian and Liying, and they delivered a box of 300 masks. As coronavirus cases were rising quickly, their masks helped equip the emergency room for an entire weekend. We later received an email from hospital leadership, thanking Tian and Liying for their generous gift and the protection it provided for doctors, nurses, and patients.

Tian and Liying have received two thank-you notes from Saint Francis via our church. Here is what they say:

“Dear Tian and Liying, 

Thank you so much for the masks. I cannot explain how much they mean to me and every doctor and nurse in the hospital. 

Thanks to your generosity, Saint Francis caregivers will be properly protected as they care for patients during this Pandemic.

Again, I can’t say thank you enough!!!

“Tian and Liying,

Thank you for the donation of masks and hats. They have all been put to excellent use for ER and other hospital staff and seemed to show up just the we need them most. We thank you for everything and appreciate the prayers especially during this time.”

-Saint Francis ER Staff

Read the full Tulsa World article here.

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