NPR “All Things Considered” discussion regarding attitudes among evangelicals amid current political division.

Below you will find my interview with NPR’s Sarah McCammon on “All Things Considered,” along with fellow SBC pastor Malachi O’Brien.

Our discussion was about attitudes among evangelicals after opposing op-eds in Christianity Today and Christian Post about our current political mess. Despite what the title says, Malachi and I did NOT debate but rather simply answered questions honestly and respectfully towards each other and hopefully everyone discussed.

If you don’t see an audio player above, click this link to go to the interview page and play it from there. 

Unfortunately, the entire interview had to be edited for time so a good bit of content was cut out . . . SO . . .

Please, Please, PLEASE listen to the recording right beneath this paragraph of my FULL answer to the final question asked. It is only 1:35 long, and it is the content I most wanted to be included. Most of it was cut. It is my most personal and pastoral response, and I think most would consider a key question on this particular topic.

FINAL QUESTION: “Does the Christianity Today editorial feel like a turning point to you?”

ANSWER: final-question.m4a

ALSO, if you’d like to listen to each of my answers in full and in context, you’ll see the questions below followed by my answers in audio form. Most are less than two minutes long.

•Question 1: “Do you think there really is a fracture [among evangelicals] and how would you describe that fracture if so?”

ANSWER: question-1.m4a

•Question 2: “Are you sure there is no division in your church over these things, are is it possible you just aren’t seeing it yet?”

ANSWER: question-2.m4a

•Question 3: “What kinds of discussions have you heard at your church in the wake of the Christianity today editorial and some of the response to it?”

ANSWER: question-3.m4a

•Questions 4 and 5: “Setting aside the impeachment process and the politics, how do you think about — as a pastor — someone whose job it is I would think to uphold a certain moral standard, how to talk about that?”….and after the pause…”How did Jesus handle ‘tax collectors and sinners,’ did he just look the other way from their immorality?”

ANSWER: questions-4-and-5.m4a

•Final Question: “Does the Christianity Today editorial feel like a turning point to you?”

ANSWER: final-question.m4a

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