Sri Lanka, Persecution, and Religious Freedom

The link to the full text of my latest article from The Christian Post is below.

Since having written this piece, we have learned that some are claiming the bombings in Sri Lanka are a retaliation for the mosque shootings in New Zealand. Whether or not that is true, the simple suggestion of the idea makes these thoughts even more important to consider.

Selection: “…American Christians, including myself, have much room for improvement. We have often expressed anxiety that secularization of our own culture creates significant threats to Christian religious liberty, and perhaps even to Christians themselves. At the same time, however, many of us have failed to recognize that the denial of freedom to any human being on account of their religious beliefs is a danger to every person of faith. If the Buddhist or Muslim is denied the same religious freedom and protection afforded to the Christian now, the Christian ought to not be surprised when it happens to him or her in the future.

Read full Christian Post article at:

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