Meet Joan, the Cross-Dressing Female Pope

Of all the scandals with which the Christian faith has been plagued, one of the most peculiar has nearly been forgotten. After all, how many people have ever heard of a female pope who posed as a man? To add to the strangstories most stories claim her secret was revealed when she went into premature … Continue reading Meet Joan, the Cross-Dressing Female Pope

The Next in Line – Peter, Paul, and . . . Clement?

When the Apostle Paul was put to death in Rome, sometime during the later part of the reign of Nero (between AD66-68), a long list of well-known church leaders had been heavily under his influence. Many of these names are familiar to most Christians: Barnabas, Mark, Luke, Timothy, Titus, Philemon, Silas, Priscilla, Aquila, and Apollos. … Continue reading The Next in Line – Peter, Paul, and . . . Clement?

The still-undefeated #towerman – Simeon Stylites

In light of the recent news in my city (Tulsa, OK), I have decided to postpone writing at Katherine von Bora (Luther's wife) for one week. As most of you know, #towerman has been dominating the lead stories in Tulsa. A troubled young man spent nearly a week a top of large broadcasting tower in … Continue reading The still-undefeated #towerman – Simeon Stylites