The still-undefeated #towerman – Simeon Stylites

In light of the recent news in my city (Tulsa, OK), I have decided to postpone writing at Katherine von Bora (Luther's wife) for one week. As most of you know, #towerman has been dominating the lead stories in Tulsa. A troubled young man spent nearly a week a top of large broadcasting tower in … Continue reading The still-undefeated #towerman – Simeon Stylites

Columba says, “Take that, Loch Ness Monster!”

Perhaps no other group of people in history have been responsible for such major contributions to the Christian story while receiving so little credit as the medieval Celtic Christians. Many Christians are somewhat wary of anything that ties spirituality to Celtic influence because of its modern secularization. This is a grave mistake. The most renowned … Continue reading Columba says, “Take that, Loch Ness Monster!”

The Original Mother Teresa and the Game of Chess

It would be hard to find an adult in the 21st century that has never heard of Mother Teresa. Our Mother Teresa of Calcutta (1910-1997) is nothing short of iconic in the Western and Eastern world. She remains an inspiration to Christians and non-Christians around the globe. Most people, however, know very little of the … Continue reading The Original Mother Teresa and the Game of Chess