The Demeaning of Mary Full of Grace

I overheard this recently: “There was nothing special about Mary, the Mother of Jesus. She was simply the vessel God chose to surrogate his son. He could have chosen any woman for his purposes, she just happened to be the one he chose. She was a young, imperfect girl who could not possibly have understood all … Continue reading The Demeaning of Mary Full of Grace

An Incomplete Worldview and Advent

Evangelicals have grown fond of using the term "worldview," which we typically define as something like, "the lens through which we view God, creation, religion, culture, tribe, family, ourselves, and others." Worldview is definitely a real factor in every facet of life, but it is by definition subjective. Our lenses are shaped by many uncontrollable … Continue reading An Incomplete Worldview and Advent

Welcoming the Stranger – 11/5/18 (Tulsa) and 11/6/18 (OKC)

What does the Bible say about vulnerable people like immigrants, refugees, and the poor? How should a Christian person respond biblically, compassionately, and reasonably to issues like refugee resettlement, undocumented children, family separation, and migrant caravans?   If you find yourself conflicted, and yet open to a biblical, factual, and reasonable discussion on these difficult … Continue reading Welcoming the Stranger – 11/5/18 (Tulsa) and 11/6/18 (OKC)

Today, you and I have choices.

Today feels dreadful. No matter what takes place in our country and around the world, I have no doubt that every possible avenue of communication will be full of hateful and immature behavior. Even if we turn off our notifications, choose not to scroll down our social media feeds, and keep the TV off, it … Continue reading Today, you and I have choices.

Social Justice and the Art of Listening

The Church and culture are usually at odds. For followers of Jesus, this should be neither surprising nor upsetting. Jesus warned us that our faith and obedience would often bring us into conflict with those around us, and that sometimes we would even be hated because of Him. Yet even if we find ourselves in … Continue reading Social Justice and the Art of Listening