Welcoming the Stranger – 11/5/18 (Tulsa) and 11/6/18 (OKC)

What does the Bible say about vulnerable people like immigrants, refugees, and the poor? How should a Christian person respond biblically, compassionately, and reasonably to issues like refugee resettlement, undocumented children, family separation, and migrant caravans?  

If you find yourself conflicted, and yet open to a biblical, factual, and reasonable discussion on these difficult issues, you will not want to miss this one-time event in both Tulsa (11/5) and OKC (11/6). You will hear from three excellent authors (Matthew Soerens, Jenny Yang, and Kent Annan), as well as personal stories from immigrants and refugees in our own communities. 

Here is my promise: You will walk away from this event welcomed, encouraged, and well-informed.

WTS Tulsa Invite (1)[2]

Matt, Jenny, and Kent write and speak in ways that are constructive and inclusive for people from all backgrounds, while remaining clearly rooted in a biblical perspective. From Welcoming the Stranger:

“As we Christians carefully consider our role in the public sphere, the politics and jargon can sidetrack us from seeing that there may be more similarities than differences in positions . . . For example, most people agree that the border must be secured and regulated so those with problem documents–but not those without–can continue to move back and forth legally. Most people who want a more open immigration policy still support secure, regulated borders, while those who prioritize border security rarely want to deport everyone here unlawfully, though they may be more cautious about the consequences of legalizing the undocumented. In understanding these dynamics, we can begin to forge a civil, thoughtful middle ground on immigration reform that will create a space in which our elected leaders can begin to fix the immigration system.”

The Welcoming the Stranger and You Welcomed Me Book Tour is an opportunity for church and community leaders to engage directly with the topic of human migration around the world. Books will be available and the authors will also offer a book signing during the event. 

Find out more and register for the event HERE – https://worldreliefevents.wixsite.com/wtsbooktourok


We will be having this event in OKC the following day with different guest international speakers and amazing food. See below and visit the website for more!

OKC EVENT – 11/6/18:

WTS OKC Invite[2]

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