The Most Thankful Birthday I’ve Ever Had

Please read this thank you note from the adopting family who is already so blessed by your generosity:

“To all of Eric’s family, friends, colleagues, etc. who so generously gave to his birthday campaign, we absolutely cannot THANK YOU enough!  We are so humbled and thankful for the tremendous donation for our adoption.  You will forever be a part of our child’s story and how we were blessed to become a family.   Our desire is to one day be able to bless others in the adoption process the way we have been through all of you.  There are not enough words to express to you how touched we are and the amount of gratitude we feel for your gift.  Thank you!!!”

From Eric:

Words cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am for all who gave to my #birthdaycampaign for the last few weeks. I knew months ago that I wanted to do something like this (with inspiration from my 10-year old son), and when I found out my friends were adopting God just made this choice clear. I never could have imagined how much support we would get; and I am overwhelmed by how much we raised. What could be better than giving a new baby a family? And an amazing family at that!

Final goal 100 3940thank-you-road-sign

2 thoughts on “The Most Thankful Birthday I’ve Ever Had

  1. I can only think of the word AWESOME!

    Jerry M. Jacobs Minister of Education/Discipleship First Baptist Church of Tulsa, OK


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