My 2013 Birthday Campaign – ends 12/16

Final goal 100 3940Some friends of mine who are incredible people and wonderful parents are adopting a new baby. As you probably know, this is a very expensive process and many couples have to put themselves in difficult financial situations to bring an adopted child home. I can think of no better cause than seeing this baby come home to a secure and safe home with loving parents.

SO, instead of sending me a card, buying me a gift, or bringing me desserts with calories I don’t need; would you consider contributing at least $1.00 to my birthday campaign? I will track all gifts and 100% received will go straight to Adoption Services of Oklahoma designated directly for this couple. Since I am turning 35 (yikes!), I am hoping to raise at least $350.00. Hopefully we will do even better! My birthday is December 16th, so that’s when the campaign ends. Let’s make this happen!

*UPDATE: Did I say $350.00? Apparently that was a mistake since you all gave more than that amount in less than 7 hours! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Goals are not as important as how much we can raise for this family. So, let’s really reach for something. How about $3500.00???!!!

You can give money directly to me in person or use this Paypal link below to donate to the campaign. Every $1 helps! Stay up with this page for updates on our progress.


One thought on “My 2013 Birthday Campaign – ends 12/16

  1. Eric, I can’t get the pay pal to register my contribution, and I rarely see you nowadays. Come to 316 South next Sunday, or see if Deni can give you $10.00 and I’ll reimburse her. The best from God on the adoption for both family and child. Don Shank

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