In Memory of Calvin Miller – Our Friend and a Spiritual Giant

For several years, Calvin Miller has been a great friend to our church at FBC Tulsa. He was also an alumnus of my alma mater OBU. Last summer, he spoke at one of our church’s retreats and we were all blessed by the way the Lord was continuing to use him in our lives. He also spoke at OBU this past Spring, and the entire campus was enriched by words.

Calvin was also a dear friend and mentor to our pastor Deron Spoo; and I was blessed to have become more and more acquainted with him over the past four years. I wanted to utilize this short post to share some powerful words from Calvin Miller that are quite timely this week, and also to refer you to two great articles published this week after his passing on Sunday.

 “Death will come, but not unattended. Christ will give us His unfailing presence. We shall rise from the table in the wilderness and sit at the marriage supper of the Lamb. Intimacy will give way to grandeur. And he who we have met so often will be the guest of honor, and all the nations will pay him tribute—and he shall reign forever and ever. Inwardness will be transformed instantly into upwardness. And all the glory of our earthly intimacy with the Savior will be changed to an eternal togetherness indestructible in the heavens.”
Calvin Miller, The Table of Inwardness

Please take the time to read a very personal and well-written article by Deron Spoo in Christianity Today’s Leadership publication:

Please also take the time to read this article from OBU and our President, Dr. David Whitlock, about Calvin and what he means to OBU:

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